Prayer Request

This request goes out to all club members with a further request to pass it on to your friends and/or relatives.  Today Tami received the following email from our fellow club member, Dick Conner:


This is to let you know that I will not be able to return to pickleball. For several weeks I have been walking the mall to get in better shape to be more competitive with the rest of you.

However in the meantime I have discovered that my weakness and lack of energy was due to an underlying cause…Cancer.

I have an incurable cancer in my lymph nodes. I had a PET scan on Thursday, with results available on Tuesday as to how far it has progressed, what treatment might be possible and how long I might be expected to stick around in this world.

Of course I am not happy with the news, but have accepted it.

I will miss the pickleball gang.  Give my best to all.

Keep your paddles up.

Dick Conner

This news really hit us hard.  Dick was the first person we played pickleball with when we first moved here.  It would be great if we could all get together, maybe at a pizza place, and have a dinner for Dick, what do you think??  I have not spoken with Dick about this but I feel we, as a pickleball community, need to show Dick how much he means to us and pickleball.  So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please contact us, we’ll make any arrangement needed.

Please pass on this prayer request and keep Dick in your personal prayers.

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1 Response to Prayer Request

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very sorry to hear. I never met Dick but he will be in my prayers.

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