Website Contact Info

If you would like to have us post an event, local news for your area or speak with one of us you can either email, or call (208) 965-5409 .  If you’re coming to our area and are looking for a place to play just give us a call or email and we’ll try to get you in a game.

3 Responses to Website Contact Info

  1. Jerry @ Sandy Sullivan says:

    We recently moved to Meridian from Hailey and would like to get involved with the local PB community.
    Please put us on the email list. Thanks

  2. Judy Arnt says:

    A friend and myself would like to take lessons. Any up and coming lessons?

  3. Gerri E Smith says:

    Trying to renew senior psrtner membership
    Pulia Tuha
    He is having computer trouble

    Thank you
    Gerri Smith

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