YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign

This is a call out to all fellow pickleball players and their friends/relatives to help in the support of a great organization.  One of our local YMCA’s, Home Court in Meridian, has been an enormous supporter of the game we love.  They have given us four courts to play on year around and have opened their arms to all our members so I think we should help their causes.  I know we all share the YMCA’s belief that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve.  There are thousands of kids throughout our country that have benefitted from their programs that have led to them becoming positive role models for other kids.  As a result of campaigns like “Strong Kids”, families have been able to grow closer, families in need have received support, guidance and other resources when they needed it most.

So I am asking all of my fellow pickleballers to look in their hearts and open their pocket-book and give to their local Y’s, wherever you may live.  It’s only through our financial support that the Y can continue to provide help for our community kids and their families.  They are counting on the generosity of us and other people in our community, so let’s show them how much their programs mean to our pickleball community.  Remember your donations will have an impact on so many in and around the country.

To make donations contact the HomeCourt YMCA at (208) 855-5711 or talk to the YMCA representative at the Y you attend.

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