Pickleball in Stanley, Idaho

Dear Pickleball Enthusiasts: (From Bill Hart)

I became addicted to Pickleball the moment  I learned it at an RV park in Gold Canyon, AZ,  during the winter of 2013. I felt it was only a natural transition to establish a pickleball court here in Stanley, Idaho to allow the residents and visitors to this small mountain community the opportunity to experience this wonderful, fun new sport. I contacted the local school, which has an outdoor basketball court to see about converting it to a temporary pickleball court to be used during the summer months. I was given permission, as long as I repaired the cracks to the concrete surface.

I ordered a portable net system from the USAPA and I applied for one of their grants and was awarded a stipend to help offset some of the costs of setting up a court. I cleaned the surface of all of the debris and applied a concrete repair product to fill in all of the cracks and holes. From there, I applied tape to mark the lines and now I am offering free lessons to anyone who wants to become just as addicted as I am.

So now, nestled beneath the beautiful Sawtooh Mountains in central Idaho, in the community of Stanley at just under 7,000 feet you can have a new Pickleball experience. I invite all Pickleball addicts to come experience this “Rocky Mountain High” and enjoy playing in an outdoor venue with a scenic backdrop of mountain peaks towering over 10,000 in elevation.

Please pass this on to all fellow pickleballers you know that might be interested, maybe we could even organize a “Stanley Cup” tournament.

For further information or to schedule playing time, please contact:

Bill Hart Sawtooth Valley PickleBall Association
website: svpba.org      email: pickleball@svpba.org

PO Box 43 Stanley, ID 83278 208-991-2569

Outdoor court with the Sawtooth Mountains as a backdrop.

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