New Pickleball Club in Our Northwestern Neighbors

Recently I received an email from a fellow pickleballer, Mike Hoxie, from Oregon.  They started a new pickelball club in February and are now following our club’s blog.  Their club is Columbia River Pickleball Club.  They are just getting things rolling and could use our support so if you get a chance check out their website at:  They also have a newsletter at: so check it out too.  So here’s a shout-out to Mike and his fellow pickleballers in Oregon.

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1 Response to New Pickleball Club in Our Northwestern Neighbors

  1. wolfemike says:

    I love your web site and look forward to a great relationship. Thanks for checking us out and hopefully we can help each other out in all our future events. Good Pickling, Mike Wolfe, President, Columbia River Pickleball Club.

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