Introduction to Pickleball Class

FYI – Nick and Tami Leach, will be teaching an “Introduction to Pickleball” class for the Boise Schools Community Education system.  The classes will be from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Thursdays at Home Court YMCA in Meridian, ID from January 30th to March 6th, 2014.

Course listings may be viewed online at

Go to the above link then select the “Register Here” tab. This will take you to the
Course Group. Once there select the “Fitness” tab and then the “Pickleball tab.

So tell all your friends, family, and neighbors who might enjoy learning our favorite sport and the fastest growing sport in the country, spread the word. If you would like additional information contact Tami or Nick at

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Christmas Pickleball Party a success…

Last week we had our Pickleball Christmas party at Homecourt in Meridian.  35 very energetic and spirited players participated.  Open play pickleball started us off, followed by a “pickleball” relay game in which we had a team of 8 players win – they were awarded with ornaments (several “crafty” players volunteered to hand make the ornaments using cracked pickleballs)…  Judy Caldwell brought some oversized “nerf” balls so we could play a different style of pickleball (we also had to play with our weak hand!!).  Alot of laughing could be heard with each swing and miss…  After a few games of “nerf” ball we then proceeded on to a great spread of wonderful food provided by all of us:)…  After a full stomach – BAPA’s Vice President – Bob Calver spoke for a few minutes to us… Then finally we had a gift exchange.  With 30 gifts being exchanged, we had several that were stolen 3 times before landing with an individual… The coffee lovers in the group – fought for the Starbuck’s and Dutch Brothers gift certificates!!


You can check out other pictures under the “Photos/Video” tab…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Senior Games Tribute to Dick Johnson from wife Lawana

Old Grandpa Dick Johnson finished off his first time playing in the Idaho Senior Games by picking up Gold and Silver medals in Tennis.  This totaled 8 medals in all (6 Gold, 1 Silver, & 1 Bronze) won by Dick in Tennis, Pickleball, & Table Tennis (He technically won 4 more Golds in Table Tennis, because, though 73, he beat every player from 50-74 years old).  Dick dug out his tiny, old tennis racquet from 23 years ago, which he had used in the last tennis tourney and state championship he won in 1990, after which he quit playing the game (Not being too bright a guy, in 1990 he had continued playing competitively even after a back fusion in 1975).

Anyway, it was fun for him to play tennis again…and, kind of a milestone, because he’s now won state tennis championships in every decade, except one when he didn’t touch a racquet, since he was 14 years old.  Truthfully, though, after picking up his old vintage racquet, serving underhand because of the bum back, and grunting through his first tournament in 23 years, we think its probably wise for him to stick with Table Tennis and Pickleball, where the court sure seems a lot smaller!  Besides, Pickleball has brought great new friends into our lives… and, is so much fun!!!


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Another Senior Games winner!

I’m (Tami) writing this for Nick, because I know that he would not want to gloat about his winning a silver medal in Bocce Ball – yes I said Bocce Ball…  The event took place last Saturday and we had about 12 players competing for medals.  Nick and his partner MaryEllen got a silver medal – congratulations!!.  My partner Patty and I won a clap for the “biggest Losers”:)… Bocce Ball was fun, but it doesn’t compare to the excitement that Pickleball has to offer…

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2013 Idaho Senior Games

The 2013 Idaho Senior Games Pickleball Tournament was held August 9 & 10th.  There were close to 50 participants this year from the state of Idaho and neighboring states.  There were a lot of medals given out for extraordinary playing.  Well done!!

Some matches went long and the heat became an issue – so one match was delayed til the next day and another match was forfeited due to the heat…  This is always a possibility when you play outdoors in August.  All players had a fun time meeting “new” players and  catching up with “old” players:)…

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make this a great year for our games.  See you all next year in 2014…

To see the Medal winners and great photographed shots – go to the “Photos” tab and click on the “2013 Idaho Senior Games”…


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