Local YMCA in a “Pickle”

Pickleball that is. The Treasure Valley Home Court YMCA in Meridian, ID held the first ever “skill level” Pickleball tournament April 1st through the 3rd.  There were over 80 participants with skill levels from 2.5 to 4.5 and divisions included Men’s Singles, Men and Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.  Participants ages ranged for 10 years old, yes I mean 10, to 70+.  There were over a 100 matches and same really awesome pickleball games. We want to thanks Scott Swanson, the YMCA Homecourt Branch Director, who was also the Tournament, and all the volunteers, without these people working tirelessly tournaments like this could not be held.  Also we want to thank the YMCA organization for vision of what Pickleball can be in our area.  We’re looking forward to next year.  Here are the tournament results:

Men’s Singles 3.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MS_3-5.php

Men’s Singles 4.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MD_4-5.php

Women’s Doubles 2.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_WD_2-5.php

Women’s Doubles 3.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_WD_3-5.php

Women’s Doubles 4.0 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_WD_4-0.php

Men’s Doubles 3.0 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MD_3-0.php

Men’s Doubles 3.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MD_3-5.php

Men’s Doubles 4.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MD_4-5.php

Mixed Doubles 2.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MX_2-5.php

Mixed Doubles 3.0 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MX_3-0.php

Mixed Doubles 3.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MX_3-5.php

Mixed Doubles 4.5 — http://www.usapa.org/iframe/tourney/brackets/YMCAclassic_MX_4-5.php

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