There’s a New Tutor in Town

Simply Pickleball, a local Pickleball equipment supply company owned by Nick & Tami Leach, and would like to introduce a new piece of equipment that will enhance our Skills and Drills Session services we provide to the Pickleball community.  On Tuesday, July the 7th we will be have a promo-demonstration of the Pickleball Tutor at Sawtooth Middle School on Linder (just north of Ustick) in Meridian, ID from 8:30am until 9:30.  We will be demonstrating a variety of drills for the first 20-30 minutes than have an “open court” time for people to try out the machine. This is, what some say, ”The #1 Pickleball Practice Machine” specifically designed for Pickleball.  You can drill on a specific shots such as; Ground Strokes, Net Volleys, Drop Shots (3rd Shot), Lobs, Return of Serve Cross Court Dinks Shots to name a few. So for those of you who are interested in raising your game through practice drills come check it out.

Pickleball Tutor

  • 125-ball capacity
  • Adjustable speeds up to 50 MPH
  • Random built-in oscillator available
  • Adjustable arc from dink to lob
  • Optional remote control



For more information or questions regarding scheduling sessions, rates or other services or products you can contact them by phone at 208-0965-5409 or by email at

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2 Responses to There’s a New Tutor in Town

  1. Barbara Barker says:

    Hi, I am moving to Boise late September 2015. I am better than a beginning pickleball player, but am not an intermediate level player yet. I would love to attend a pickleball camp or take lessons to help me improve. Is there anyone in Boise who teaches pickleball or offers a pickleball camp?

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