Christmas Pickleball Party a success…

Last week we had our Pickleball Christmas party at Homecourt in Meridian.  35 very energetic and spirited players participated.  Open play pickleball started us off, followed by a “pickleball” relay game in which we had a team of 8 players win – they were awarded with ornaments (several “crafty” players volunteered to hand make the ornaments using cracked pickleballs)…  Judy Caldwell brought some oversized “nerf” balls so we could play a different style of pickleball (we also had to play with our weak hand!!).  Alot of laughing could be heard with each swing and miss…  After a few games of “nerf” ball we then proceeded on to a great spread of wonderful food provided by all of us:)…  After a full stomach – BAPA’s Vice President – Bob Calver spoke for a few minutes to us… Then finally we had a gift exchange.  With 30 gifts being exchanged, we had several that were stolen 3 times before landing with an individual… The coffee lovers in the group – fought for the Starbuck’s and Dutch Brothers gift certificates!!


You can check out other pictures under the “Photos/Video” tab…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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