Dennis Forbes Memorial Tournament – Ogden, UT



The inaugural Dennis Forbes Pickleball Memorial was last week – July 18 -20, 2013…

It was a great turnout, with the best of the best participating.  The weather was hot (100 degrees), but the matches were hotter!!  It was an awesome experience to watch and learn from the different level players.

Our friend and wife of Dennis Forbes – Linda Forbes – was present and played in the tournament.  Her and her female partner took a Bronze Medal (4.0).

Linda Forbes

Linda Forbes

Our own Rodell Hill and his partner – Gary Baker – took home the Silver Medal in 4.0 level.

Rodell Hill - Silver Medalist

Rodell Hill – Silver Medalist

We also saw pickleball friends that have come and played in the past with us in Boise…  To name a few –  John & Jeanne Schowalter (from Michigan), Carol Amos (Kathy Getto’s sister), JD Shew (Twin Falls), Debi Glogower (played in our Idaho Senior Games last year).   We found all the players – lower skilled to higher skilled, very kind and helpful with tips and hints…  John Gullo of Ogden sure knows how to put on a fabulous tournament.  Thanks to all involved…


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