Newest and Youngest BAPA Member!

Last week Tate Donnelly (9 years old) became the youngest member to join BAPA (Boise Area Pickleball Association)…  He was told that he didn’t have to be a member to play with us, but he was so excited to belong to a “club”.  He asked his mom and she said it was ok for him to join us.  We now can say we as pickleball players that we truly do include all ages… 9 – 90:)

Tate Donnelly

Tate Donnelly

Congratulations Tate on being a part of the fastest growing sport in America… WELCOME!!!

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1 Response to Newest and Youngest BAPA Member!

  1. Joseph Nolt says:

    Way to go Tate! Way to join the Club!
    I’m Joe Nolt from Lancaster, PA. I wish I had joined the pickleball family before first learning about pickleball in November 2011. You are lucky (Happy Saint Patrick’s Day) Tate for playing at this time…as you will be fortunate to play for almost a 100 more years, God willing! I am envious!

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