Our Pickleball Community Suffers a Great Loss

It is with heartfelt sorrow that I share the sad news of the loss of a great friend and Master Pickleballer, Dennis Forbes.  Mr. Forbes passed away from a stroke, while he slept, in his home in AZ yesterday evening.  Please join me in prayers for his beautiful wife Linda and the family.  Dennis and Linda enjoyed their summers in the Boise, ID (Treasure Valley area),   Those of us who were graced to know Dennis will sorely miss him.

The USAPA  and the great sport of pickleball has lost a truly special person.  Dennis taught many of us how to elevate our playing abilities so as to be more competitive.  Not only was he a great person and player, but a superb instructor/teacher.  He personally gave me some lessons in humility on more than one occasion!  He unselfishly gave  of his time, knowledge, skills and abilities to promote the pickleball sport throughout the country.  He had a special love for teaching handicapped children our beloved game.  Thanks Dennis, your memories and contributions will forever be enshrined in the halls of the USAPA.


Director USAPA Ambassadors

Pacific Northwest Region

(208) 286-4478

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