Ho! Ho! Ho! From Old St. Nick

The Boise Area Pickleball Association (BAPA) held its second annual Christmas Party at the Meridian HomeCourt YMCA on Tuesday Dec 18thchristmas5At this year’s festive event we played the game we all love, ate lots of great goodies and exchanged white elephant gifts. Part of the festive celebrations included the first annual Hero Awards the categories and winner were:

Most Infectious Squeal – this went to Rhonda Reed (of course)

Most Persistent Player – won by Don McDaniel

Best Service Ritual – went to Chris Carter

Ugliest Leg Brace – this prestigious award went to Diana Bunger

Self-Abomination – this highly coveted award went to Jack Bonawitz for “Oh Jack” and

Best “Chef” (most persistently in the kitchen) – went to Mike Ness

(To watch the video taken of Mitch presenting the awards – click on the following link and be prepared to laugh outloud!!)


This year we had 36 guests with 31 playing, so trust me we used all four of our courts.  A great time was had by all and we’re already making plans for next year so I encourage all players to come join our club for a fun time all the time. Here’s some other notable information.

We had two of our regular players become part of our club at the party and they were:   Carl and Lynne Maestas so please welcome them to our lively group.

Lynne Maestas

Lynne Maestas

Carl Maestas

Carl Maestas

Our Thursday morning beginner lesson are going great in fact last Thursday the 13th we had 14 players so hats off the Jack Bonawitz and John Sweeting for volunteering to help with lessons.

There have been a couple of new places-to-play added so click on that tab and check them out.

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