New Player Training

If you are a “new” player or just a beginner wanting to learn the great game of Pickleball, we have a new opportunity coming.  John Sweeting and Jack Bonawitz have volunteered to help with teaching/training for new players that don’t yet feel comfortable playing in games or just want to learn some basic techniques.  These training classes will begin next Thursday (Dec 6th) at 9am.  They will be held at HomeCourt and the only cost is the HomeCourt fees.  We hope that this can be ongoing and help continue to grow the game of Pickleball.  Up until now there really hasn’t been a time where new people could come and learn – without having to just jump in and play (before they are comfortable to)

For those of you that have played before with us, but maybe have stopped because you felt you were getting left behind – please take advantage of John & Jack’s knowledge and skills – come and develop skills at your own level and pace.

Again training days will be every Thursday from 9am to 10:30am and then if you want to get in some good “play” time, you can continue play with the “non-competitive” players from 10:30am to noonish.  When you feel comfortable please join in on any day of the week from 9am to noon – to play with the larger group, we have now set up a court for new level (beginner) players so you won’t feel overwhelmed….

John and Jack look forward to seeing you next Thursday (Dec 6th) at 9am!!!


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1 Response to New Player Training

  1. jim h says:

    trying to get info on membership and wondering if the club does anything in the evening hour as far as playing jim h

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