Great Weather for a Tournament

We had great weather and a great turn-out for our first Intra-Valley pickleball tournament held at Lion’s Park in Nampa, ID. There were two age groups for MD (18-64 & 65-70+), MS (18-59) (65-70+) and MXD (18-54 & 55-64) and one group for WD (50-64). It was really great to see some new faces (Linda & Andy Clements – mother and son) playing in their first tournament and also to see so many of our club’s (BAPA) new players playing.  At least a third of the players were playing in their first tournament and I hope it won’t be their last because everyone did great and I think they all had a great time.  A big thanks goes out to all the volunteers and to the ones that volunteered to be referees (some of them for the first time).

Friday’s weather was great and so was Saturday’s, with the exception of the torrential down pour (LOL) during the matches but like true pickleball troopers some of our pickleballers (Joe) played right through the rain in great style.

Okay for the results, the winners were:

MD – 18-64: Gold – Joe Bonawitz & Tim Gleason, Silver – Gary O’Dell & David Lee, and Bronze went to Chris Givens & Gary Tanikuni

MD – 65-70+: Gold – Gary Robbins & Jan Johnson, Silver – Nick Leach & John Sweeting, and Bronze went to Ray Schnabel & Gary Ward

MS – 18-59: Gold – Joe Bonawitz, Silver – Jimmy Sanchez, and Bronze went to Scott Michaelson

MXD – 18-54: Gold – Joe Bonawitz & Candy Bonawitz, Silver – Nick Leach & Tami Leach, and Bronze went to Andy Clements and Linda Clements

MXD – 55-64: Gold – John Sweeting & Sonya Kincheloe, Silver – Diana Bunger & Tim Gleason, and Bronze went to Jack Bonawitz & Rhonda Reed

WD – 50-64: Gold – Tami Leach & Sonya Kincheloe, Silver – Sandi Johnson & Candy Bonawitz, and Bronze went to Diana Bunger & Rhonda Reed.

For pictures of the event and the winners go to our Photos/Videos tab.

Congratulations to all players and winners and again thanks for playing and thanks to all our volunteers.

I would like for all of the players in this event to give a BIG THANKS to Jan Johnson for  putting together a great tournament. I know next year will be even bigger.

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