Our Columbia River Pickleball Friends

Last week my wife (Tami) and I took a quick trip to the Portland/Vancouver area.  We went to see our grandson graduate.  Before leaving we got in contact with Mike Wolfe about joining in with their group while we were there.  They were very gracious to let us play in their “mini” tournament on Wed. night.  With about 20 players ranked as A, B, or C level – it was a very invorgating and fun night.  Then on Friday night we played again and had about 12 players come out.  We were totally exhausted but had so much fun, it was hard to stop.  We met 3 of the Ambassadors in that area :                                                      Mike & Tawn Wolfe and Hunter Duvall 

A few more fun pictures of the gang –    

Thanks for the great time and hope to get back again soon…

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