“Here We Grow Again”

Our club and places to play just keep growing. Please join me in welcoming our four newest members: Kathy Getto, Lois Glacer and Dick and Lawana Johnson.

Kathy Getto

Lois Glacer

Lawana Johnson

(Dick Johnson picture coming soon)

I would like to say, THANKS, to the 16 pickleball players and club members who came out and helped tape our four new courts at Sawtooth Middle School in Meridian.  These courts are dual use courts we will share with local tennis players. Play will be daily 9am to noon (or whenever you get tired) and Tuesday and Friday nights 6pm to 8pm (or to when it’s too dark to play).  Tami and I will be giving lessons Tuesday and Friday night to any new players and our hope is that people who work or just people who would like to learn about pickleball will come out and see what it’s all about. So please encourage any of your friends who may work to come out and play.  The courts can also be used any night by the  experienced players who would like to play nights.  With the addition of these outdoor courts we now have six courts, either taped or painted, to use outdoors.

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3 Responses to “Here We Grow Again”

  1. Jack Bonawitz says:

    Thanks to Nick, Tami, and the crew who did the measuring, marking, and taping. Without volunteers like those, BAPA couldn’t exist! Hats off–but paddles up!
    Jack Bonawitz

  2. Mike Vance says:

    Hi NIck,
    Are we still playing at Home Court? Went over to join u guys on Tues and no one was there.
    See you soon, Mike

    • Nick Leach says:


      Technically we are still playing at Home Court, but some like to play outdoors during the summer (Sawtooth Middle School). So, if you go to Home Court and don’t see anyone – you might want to take a drive down the road (Linder & Ustick) to see if anyone is playing outside. Because of the options this summer – it’s hard to know which location people will be playing – but if you would to put on our blog – your preferred playing days and location – I’m sure someone will be able to catch up to you… This is new to all of us this summer – so just hang in there with us and “keep your paddles up!”

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