Indoor Balls

I have a question for all the readers of this blog living outside the Boise, ID area and playing inside.  What type of ball do you pickleballers use???  Please email your answers to: or make a comment on this post.

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2 Responses to Indoor Balls

  1. Joseph Nolt says:

    Jugs, Machs, and Duras? Watch out for the cheaper, smaller-type ball. They do not meet specifications nor would be allowed in sanctioned tournaments.

    I am Joe Nolt, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We are playing a lot of Pickleball indoors and outdoors. The outdoor balls have smaller sized holes, to help be less affected by windy conditions.

    • Nick Leach says:


      Thanks for the speedy response. We are also playing inside and outside and that’s what bought up the question. Some of our guys were having trouble transitioning from using the inside balls (we use the green Jug balls) to the Dura Fast yellow ball for outside play. I just want to see what other people were doing with this problem. Also really glad to hear about your fellow pickleballers medaling in your area, looks like it’s time for you to get out there too. Thanks for following our blog and God bless you.


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