Successful Kick-off to Int’l Pickleball Week

On Friday April 13, 2012, the Boise area Ambassadors put on a free pickleball clinic to start off the International Pickleball Week.  The clinic was held at HomeCourt YMCA,  from 4pm to 8pm, and the public was invited to come for the clinic and refreshments. Our Meridian Councilman Brad Hoaglun was gracious to come start off the event.  Our Northwest Regional Ambassador – John Sweeting, presented him a signed pickleball paddle by our club members.

A call (email) was put out to our Boise Area Pickleball Association (B.A.P.A) members and others who play with us – to come to play, assist and bring goodies…  About 25 of our players came and it was a great time!!!  We had about a dozen people come to learn and play the game of pickleball with us.  We were a little dissapointed that more people didn’t come, but again it goes back to unawareness of the game!  We’ll keep up the good fight though and continue promoting anyway we can.  All the folks that came out loved the game and will tell others about it.  We even had 3 young basketball players come and check us out.   ….

A special thanks goes out to all our club members and players who showed and with food, smiles and the excitement to play our great game:)

For a look at more photos – click on the photos/video tab and then the “Free Pickleball” tab.



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