Welcome and Some Thanks

I’d like us to welcome back our winter-birds, Donna and Louis Silver & Karen Miller, who have been in California for the past month or so and some of our members who have been out awhile, Don and Ellen Gasaway who have been gone helping their son during his illness.  Also back is Ray Stephens and Sharon Pointer who were out working on their house. So when you see these folks give them a big “Welcome Back”.  We also had a new player join us Wednesday, Judy Smith, came and played with us and hopes to continue, so give her some encouragement and help her with her game if you can, it’s also great to see new players.

I would also like to give a big thanks to “Mitch” Mitchell for the Drills and Skills Wednesday.  It was great to see him jump in there and help with our Wednesday Drills and Skills.  It looked like everyone was having a great time and getting some good tips, so thanks Mitch.

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