Another Banner Day for Pickleball In Boise

Thanks to Ben Reed at Home Court we now have four courts to play on.  I am so thankful to our club members who turned out to help tape off the new courts.  There were too many to list, 15 in all, but you know who you are.  We really have a great membership in our club and again hats off to all the volunteers.  I am continously encouraged by my fellow members who, on more than one occasion, came out to support and help with events. We have to support the game we all enjoy so much.  To see some of the pictures of our taping endeavour today go to our Photo tab and take a look.

With the addition of two new courts we can now accommodate beginners and 4.0 players anytime they want to play in fact Rhonda and I introduced three newbies to the game and encouraged them to come any day and we’d teach them how to play.  So hopefully the two new courts will clear up any issues we may have had in the past, such as waiting time, and now everyone will be happy (LOL).  See you all on the courts.

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