Tournament Results

I have good news to pass on about one of our club member’s, Rhoda Zaph.  Rhoda and her partner, Joetta Nolan, won a Bronze medal at the 2012 Happy Trails Classic in Surprise, AZ on January 27. So next time you she her give her a big thumbs up.  It’s great to hear about our fellow members doing so well in the game we all love… Way to go Rhoda.

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  1. Jan says:

    Nick and Tami, greetings from Palm Springs area. We just completed a mixed doubles tournament in our resort . We had 38 teams and all went well except we ran out of daylight and had to go to Catalina Spa to finish under their lights. Goes to show how the picklers get together to help one another. I did not play as I was the administrator for the games. We had some of the top players in California and Arizona on the agenda. I have been following the great work being done in the Homecourt and assume that these accomplishments are the result of the BAPA members doing their thing! Or is this like church, where a few do for the many? I hope not. Looking forward to seeing and playing with you all when we return in April. Keep on roasting them, peeling them, and pickling them. Jan

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