News From The Land of Pineapples and Leis

We recently heard  from our friends and fellow BAPA members winter-birding in Kailua Kona, HI, Dennis and Sonya Kincheloe, and here’s what they had to say,

“Just a note that pickleball is alive and well in Kailua Kona, HI.  Last year there were about 5 people who were playing here consistently, that was including Sonya and myself (Dennis).  Now there are about 30 people.  It is so much fun and there are more people being added almost weekly. We have three very nice courts now to play on and there is talk of adding three more.  YEA!!!  They are mostly recreational players but there are some that are getting more competitive.”

Sounds like Dennis and Sonya are having a blast, too bad we all can’t be there too.  This is just another sign that the sport we love is growing everywhere so keep those balls flying.

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