Skills and Drills

Sorry this post is a day late, but my internet connection was down yesterday, so I couldn’t get the post in.

Anyway, Yesterday (Wed), we held our 1st Skills and Drills day for the new year. Tim Gleason,

Tim Gleason

was our fearless leader and instructor for the hour.  We had a great turnout – 20 players!!!  Tim taught us the “perfect” return of serve technique, the “soft” game of dinking properly, and the “semi” poach shot – to block back the 3rd shot (if hit hard) from the serving team…

These were all great skills to learn and work on – a great time was had by all !!!  Thank you Tim for sharing with us your time and knowledge of the game we all love so much…   We also have Rodell Hill and Joe Bonawitz in our club that have also given of their time and knowledge for us.  Our thanks to them as well…See you next Wednesday for our next Sills and Drills lesson…    Paddles up!

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  1. Jan Jjohnson says:

    Fun reading about the activities in Idaho. Could not hep but notice the SPUD logo on the right column. Whose is it? Is this logo the BAPA formal logo? I was going to suggest a tournament for the club logo, because some of the clubs down here are showing up at tournaments with their “colors”. Great promotional tool. See ya in April. Jan

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