New Pickleballers

Just want to take a moment and thank our club members Jim & Pam Crotty for bringing two of their friends, John & Michelle Price, from Redding, CA to join us for some great pickleball as well as Mitch & Linda Mitchell, who brought two of their neighbors, Patty Beckes & Kelly Henry, to also join us on Thursday, December the 29th.  It looks like we may have hooked them all on the greatest game around.

This is what our club is all about, promoting the game of pickleball and developing lasting friendships.  Keep up the good work.

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2 Responses to New Pickleballers

  1. John & Michele Price says:

    Thank you for your hospitality and your patience with us “newbies”. We had fun and it was so nice to meet you all. Hopefully we will be back as better players. Thanks again for your kindness !!!
    John & Michele

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