Summer outdoor play is coming to Meridian…

Meridian schools get out June 4th, so we will be taping Sawtooth Middle School tennis courts on June 5th – Thursday.  We will begin marking and taping at 8:00 am if anyone would like to come join in on the fun – we welcome all hands on deck…

Play will officially start on Friday morning, but now that we our outside we will be expanding play time to nights too.  For those that work during the day, but want to get some good, fun exercise in the evening, we will be having play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 pm to dark – beginning June 9th.

The courts will be open on a first come first served basis (to share with tennis players), so if you have some friends you want to get together with on any given day or night, just go and play on any available court.

If you need any pickleball equipment – such as paddles or balls – just give Nick or Tami Leach an email – or call 208-965-8719 – we are a small local business serving the boise area players.


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4 Responses to Summer outdoor play is coming to Meridian…

  1. Jim Fields says:

    we are here for the horse racing at les bois park, but would really like to play on tue and thur eves, thanks for the info, Jim & Nina Fields

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