Local Pickleball Club’s Monthly Tournament

The Boise Area Pickleball Association (BAPA)  pickleball club is holding their monthly tournament on February the 17th.  This months theme is “Mardi  Gras” so if you like to dress up feel free to.  It will be a Divisional Tournament (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced), if there is enough player for each division.  The tournament is being held at the Meridian Treasure Valley YMCA Home Court, sign-in is at 8 am and the games begin promptly at 8:30 am.  All pickleballers are welcome.

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There’s a New Paddle in Town

Simply Pickleball, a locally owned and operated pickleball equipment supply dealer, is adding a new paddle line called Paddletex,  These paddle are very popular in Arizona, Utah, Florida and hopefully now in Idaho (LOL).  If anyone is looking to upgrade their paddles or looking for a change contact them for more information about the new paddle or to try it out at (208) 965-8719.

For those of you just starting out or thinking of joining this great game and need more information feel free to contact them at the above number or email us at: simplypickleball@gmail.com.

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Having Foot or Shoes Problems??

For those of you having problems with your feet, or your shoes don’t seem to fit right we came across an answer.  They’re a local running/walking shoe store with owners and employees who are very knowledgeable with regards to how shoes should fit. They are equipped with the most up-to-date fitting equipment and a great selection of shoes for runners or walkers but can help with your selection of court/tennis shoes also. The best thing is they will help you with any shoe related foot issues you may be having, trust me they know their stuff.  So go by:

“On Your Mark” at 228 East Plaza Dr., Ste J (just north of Albertsons on Eagle and State Road) in Eagle, ID 83616  (phone # is 208.939.6757)

It’ll be worth your while.

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Thanks “for” Giving Tournament

On Thursday, November the 20th one of our local Pickleball clubs, Boise Area Pickleball Association (BAPA), held their monthly tournament. This month the tournament’s theme was Thanks “for” Giving and the reasoning behind the theme was the club wanted to raise money for a local charity, the Women and Children Alliance group.  The club had anticipated the donations could reach around two-three hundred dollars but guess what folks, the club raised a whopping $505 dollars.  This just goes to show you that the local Pickleball community is a caring group of people, so hats off to all the pickleballers and fans of the game who gave to this worthy cause.

Again this month the participation was great.  There were 40 players in two Divisions. Here’s the results:

Division 1 (Beginner and Intermediate):

Gold – Nanci Bent & Mary Young

Silver – Rachel Bruner & Dave Hume

Bronze – Pat Dunn & Shane DeChristefero


Division 2 (Upper Intermediate and Advanced):

Gold – Alan Clark & Matt Linde

Silver – Tami Leach & Rhonda Reed

Bronze – Barbara Dumler & Lars Johnson



If you would like to participate in these monthly tournament contact Terry Donohue at: tprescottd@yahoo.com for details.

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Local Club Tournament

One of our local pickleball clubs, BAPA (Boise Area Pickleball Association), is holding their monthly tournament Thursday, November the 20th at the Meridian Homecourt YMCA.  All area pickleball players are welcome to come and play.

November 2014 tournament

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Shoutout to Our Local Pickleball Medal Winners

The USAPA Nationals VI were recently (Nov.2nd thru 9th) held in Buckeye, AZ and this years attendance set a new record at over 700 players from all over the country.  Two of our local players, Dick Johnson and Tim Gleason, came home with silver medals.  Competition was fierce this year and this was our local players first year at the Nationals so winning medals was quite an accomplishment.  Here’s their results:

Men’s Doubles 70+ – Silver went to Dick Johnson and his partner, David Leach

Men’s Singles 70+ – was won by Tim Gleason


These two players are members of one of the local pickleball clubs, BAPA (Boise Area Pickleball Association) and can be found playing at the Meridian YMCA so if you come across these two players give them a high five.

For more results of the USAPA Nationals go to usapa.org.


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Instructional Information

If you are wondering where you can go to learn more about improving your game here are a couple of sites I came across:

http://www.pickleballchannel.com and http://www.poachpb.com

There are articles, information, and lesson videos to help you with your game, check’em out.


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